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About Us

Welcome to Shandong Loyal Co., Ltd, a dominant player in the pasta production sector since 2014. Our objective was clear from the beginning: to offer global suppliers top-notch pasta production equipment. Over time, we have grown our knowledge base and product range, becoming synonymous with macaroni, spaghetti, and pasta production lines across the globe.

Commitment to Quality

Quality has been our core value at Shandong Loyal Co., Ltd since its inception. To ensure our customers get nothing but the best products and services, we continuously improve ourselves through innovation, thereby working together closely with clients by providing personalized solutions aimed at improving productivity while enhancing product quality.

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Our Expertise

Thank you for choosing us as your partner in pasta making business for years to come

Macaroni Production Line

We design macaroni production lines that deliver high performance levels and excellent product quality. At every stage of production, which includes mixing, extrusion drying, and packing, we employ advanced technologies for efficiency.

Spaghetti Production Line

We are specialized in making spaghetti manufacturing lines that guarantee accuracy throughout the process . Our machines are designed to deal with different requirements involved in producing spaghettis thus achieving an ideal texture for each batch produced.

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